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Monday, May 24, 2010

Taman Indera Petra, Kota Bharu

Yesterday I took my wife and son to Taman Indera, a water based park located beside the Kota Darulnaim. It is not as big as Tambun or Sunway Lagoon, but just for fun with your kids, it will do just fine. There are swimming pools of different sizes and depths, suitable for kids and also adults. There is no entry fee for the kids, but if you are escorting them you will be charged RM1. However, if you are 13 years old and above, planning to dive in yourself, you have to pay RM5.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

We celebrated Teacher's Day at our school today. As always, the celebration started with the addresses from the principal and the Minister of Education (read by PK HEM). Then, the main event started. The futsal game between the AP teachers and the non-AP teachers was won by the AP teachers with the scoreline 2-1. At the same time, there were also stage performances by the students with their songs, comedy, and also drama. Lots of presents were given to the teachers - from the administrators, from the students' bodies, from the class committees, or from personal students. I myself received several presents which include towels, mugs and also a ship from my class 5 Gigih. Thank you all, especially to Ahmad Maher and Class 5 Gigih!

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