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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Love Khat

One of my hobby is khat. It is an Islamic art. I always feel jealous of those who can write beautiful khat. I, in contrast, am not that good, mainly because I am lazy to train the fundamentals. Training should be done daily for someone to become an expert in this fine art; it sure takes a lot of your time. You have to be very fond of it, or else you end up getting frustrated. Luckily I learned khat since I was at my secondary school, and the skills are still present nowadays. Recently I wrote the name of my school, to put in as a header for the school magazine. However, I am still not satisfied with it, needed some extra insight on how to improve.

Comments, please.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

JOM HEBOH in Kelantan

First of all, I want to state here that I did not go to the event. Nevertheless, I like to comment on various webpages written about this topic. Before the event, AnNasru stated several suggestions so that JOM HEBOH (JH) in Kelantan will be different, in a good way, from other JHs. Among his suggestions were:

1. a special task force will be set up to monitor the event, so that there will be no unwanted elements happen throughout;

2. the setting, or landscape, of the JH should be based on Islamic arts;

3. a big tent should be held up for the visitors to perform prayers;

4. a mascot using Islamic characters (he gave the example of Sinbad or Aladdin) to attract younger audience.

One of the bloggers agreed with these suggestions, and further wrote that Kelantan should accept the challenge to change the habit of such JHs so that it will be held in accordance to Islamic principles.

His sentiment was not shared by other blogger, however, saying that there are hidden agendas in Kelantan government in allowing this event. I will not delve into that specifically, but I personally find that his views is very politically bias.

To sum up, I sure hope that in these two days (26 and 27 March) Kelantan will benefit from this event, in any way possible, economically or socially.

For pictures, you can surf this website.

Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Make Your Blog Attractive?

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3. Contents
The most important part. Must be unique to you. If you like others' post, and want to copy theirs, make sure to ask their permission, or put a link to their blog, citing the source. Plagiarism is applied here.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Directed Essay - So Easy!

The culture of the students in back classes is - when they get the English papers, they promptly sleep. Then, they will hand in a blank - or nearly blank - paper after the exam finishes. This happens all the time, including in the ongoing March test in my current school. I've finished marking for three Form 5 classes (G, I and J) because it was so easy to mark; there were few essays to be read! The directed essay required was an informal letter, and the 12 contents given were so easy to understand as if 12 marks already in the students hand (plus 3 marks for the letter format of address, salutation and signature). Nevertheless, they still slept all the way for 2 hours and a half, writing nothing except the information gap questions (even there they did not get full marks).

Here are several essays I marked:

The first one is from a back class student (Class J). She is more active in class compared to her classmates, thus able to get good scores. Full marks for Format (circled), full marks for Contents (underlined), and able to get 12 marks for Language.

The second one is from her classmate. He only manages to get 2 marks for Format, 10 marks for Contents and 1 mark for Language.

The last one is from a higher class (Class G). The student does not get a high mark because he wasted time elaborating on a point for too long, thus did not able to include all the contents needed. Better language though.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Who Killed the Chabang Empat Traffic Light?

The person responsible for this 'murder' should be punished. Now Chabang Empat will never be the same again.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Congratulations to STPM High Achievers

SMKCE stamped its mark at PPD Tumpat when two of its students dominated the standings in the recent result of STPM 2009. The students, with 4.0 CGPA, also picked up number 6 and 7 in the state ranking, making it the best of the school's achievement so far.

Congratulations, to Mohd Azrul Nizam Muhamad

and Muhammad Hafdzan Yahaya

Friday, March 05, 2010

The tournament hall

Tumpat District Selection

After two grueling days, 24 players selected for the district chess team. Congratulations to the winners. The names are:

u-18 Male Category

1. Muhd Nuramin (SMA Falahiah)

2. Abdul Haiyi (SM Mahmud Muhyiddin)
3. Badrul Munir (SMA Falahiah)
4. Arif (SMA Falahiah)
5. Muhd Alif (SMK Wakaf Bharu)
6. Wan Muhd Zikri (SMK Tumpat)

u-18 Female Category

1. Wan Nurhazirah (SM Mahmud Muhyiddin)

2. Marlida (SM Mahmud Muhyiddin)
3. Fatin Amira Syakiera (SMK Geting)
4. Nur Faizzeen (SMK Wakaf Bharu)
5. Tg. Haryani Norlaini (SMK Chabang Empat)
6. Siti Sarah (SMK Tumpat)

u-12 Male Category

1. Amir Syariefudden (SK Chabang Empat)

2. Wan Muhd Syazwi (SK Kutan)
3. Muhd Alham Zuhri (SK Chabang Empat)
4. Muhd Zaiful Zulhizman (SK Chabang Empat)
5. Muhd Ikram (SK Palekbang)
6. Nasrul Ubaidillah (SK Kampung Laut)

u-12 Female Category

1. Wan Nur Fatin Athirah (SK Kampung Laut)

2. Siti Zubaidah (SK Kampung Laut)
3. Anis Nadhirah (SK Kampung Laut)
4. Nur Nadzirah (SK Kampung Laut)
5. Nur Amani Balqis (SK Kutan)
6. Wan Nur Nadira (SK Palekbang)

Praise be to Allah, the tournament was a success in the finding the representatives for the Tumpat district to compete in the upcoming state selection on 8-10 April at Pasir Puteh. Overall, the level of play was good, and can be upgraded through the central training which will be held at the end of this month. However, the turnout was not very good; only several primary and secondary schools sent their players. Maybe because of the students are having their March test right now, so the teachers did not bother to send their team. If we are to find the best talent there is, all schools must send their best, so that the selected players are from the best we can find, not from a bunch of players. Nevertheless, most of the selected were in the team to last year's game in Jeli, so that's why I said earlier that the tournament was a success. Hopefully the central training will do them good, and in turn the players will be state players in the near future.

Tg Haryani Norlaini (SMKCE)

As for my school, there is only one representative from the girls u-18, Tg Haryani. Ahmad Zul Khairi could not maintain his momentum from the first day and succumbed to 2 defeats today, thus missed out on a ticket to the states.

Pictures from the event:

SMK Chabang Empat

SMK Wakaf Bharu

SK Kutan

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, My Beloved Son!

Last night, we celebrated my son's second birthday. It was a simple occasion, with a big cake (with a toy car on top) and several guests only - Ayah Su, Su 'A and their 4 sons. 'Ammar cut the cake after a long wait for his Mama To' to come back from Budiman and divided it to all the guests. Then, he played the balloons. He looked happy, despite the scar on his cheek because of the incident in the kitchen.

Sorry Ummi, they wrongly spelled 'Ammar's name.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I wrote this today. It has been a long time since my last piece of art. The rustiness is everywhere. Shatranj means 'chess' in Arabic Language.

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