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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Top 3 Things I Hate The Most

There aren't many things I hate, because I always choose to be a loving person. But when I hate something, it must have been a real unacceptable behaviour, or something which is very intolerable. I will give you only three things I hate the most:

3. Smokers
Please, smoke at home. Don't make me a secondhand smoker. I have asthma, and smoke always makes me cough. I hate them most when they smoke at eating table; I feel that my food is contaminated by it.

2. Jumping queues
Every Raya, whenever I'm involved in traffic jams, there are always those who inconsiderate enough and jump queues. I hate it when they take the roadside, and create another lane to the left. They will try to get in at the front of the queue, and those who are fool enough let them in. I try to position my car so that the roadside will be very narrow, but it is not enough. I was very happy this one time when a car took the roadside just to be stopped by a policeman who patrolled the road and slapped the driver with a fine.

1. Manchester United Football Club
I have to admit, I hate Manchester United football team and everything associated with it very much. I am a Liverpool FC fan, although not very fanatical, I try to watch every LFC games live on ASTRO. The Red Devils tried to be the number one team in England by winning more league titles than LFC, but failed when Chelsea FC pipped them last season. I fully supported Gerrard when he accidentally gave the ball to Drogba culminating to their winning the title, thus denying the Mancs from lifting their 19th.

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