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Thursday, August 01, 2013


There are at least 23 cases of gun shooting all around the Peninsular Malaysia from 1 April - 31 July (New Straits Times, 1 August 2013), many of which are in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Thus, people are already looking at how the government should tackle this problem in terms of the legislation and how the police should tackle this problem in terms of safety measures. Some of them said that the abolition of certain laws are the root of this matter while the other turned their heads toward the police and said that the people in blue uniforms are responsible for not having the proper mechanisms.

I, however, look at it from another perspective. Education wise, these bandits will probably not become shooters, or involve in any crimes for that matter, if they have proper education. By this I don't only mean what they had learned at school, but what their parents taught them at home also. Think of who might they become if their parents really show them the right way to behave? And think of what they might be doing instead of shooting somebody if they had learned something useful at school? 

In order for these two education systems to function effectively, proper familial institution must be stressed upon. Sadly though we do not emphasize enough the importance of having a functional family in our modern society. Can you imagine a child living with only one of the parents having proper love and care when the mother being stationed far away from the father and the child must choose with whom he should be living his childhood days when learning is all that he should be doing? 

My humble opinion is that the authority should do anything they can to make sure that familial institution does not suffer when governing their human resources. If both parents are government servants, they should be stationed not more than 50 kilometres apart so that they can agree upon the middle ground in which to build their home and raise a happy and functional family. This will surely leads to a healthy society which in turn will together build a powerful nation where everybody can contribute something according to their expertise. 

Sharing my view on this matter is the newly appointed Kelantan Chief Minister, Datuk Ahmad Yakub when he passed the law of 'Mesra Keluarga' on 31st July 2013 in placing the state government servants together so that both will benefit which he believes can improve their productivity. 

I wonder when will the Malaysian government pass this kind of legislation towards its servants? 
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