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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Asthma and Salbutamol

I have asthma. Ever since I was a little child, I have been experiencing shortness of breath and wheezing almost every year. This continues until today, and it makes me think whether this will ever go away.

My current treatment is Salbutamol, and I have been thinking how does this drug treat during my asthma attacks. It surely clears my airways and enables me to breath normally 5 to 10 minutes after it is taken. I cannot possibly remember what I took during childhood, but I have been taking this Salbutamol in tablets and only recently, by inhaler.

The inhaler
Reading some websites on this subject, I found a blog written by Katielase very interesting. She explains the process using analogy and makes me understand perfectly what is going on after the application of Salbutamol into my lungs. 

Now, I have to be careful of the triggers to my asthma. So far, I notice that I will have attacks at dusty places or whenever I breathe in very cold air. Thus, I have tried my best to avoid these triggers. However, many around me are smokers, including family and friends. Hopefully second-hand smoke is not one of my triggers!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cheating in Examination

Having already been warned in the mid semester examination, several members of the 4D class still cheated in the final examination. This has made me really upset. After vigorously searched for ways to make them learn their lesson, I finally thought of something which, in my opinion, would be beneficial for all parties involved. I asked them to rewrite 'I will not cheat in examinations anymore' 50 times and get signatures from at least 3 Form 5 English teachers. This is because the teachers will be teaching them in Form 5 and they should know these cheaters beforehand. 

Cheating in examinations is not a good thing to do. In fact, it is actually a big offense and must be severely dealt with. Those involved have come to me and expressed their gratitude for my stern action. Some of them, especially the girls, said that they cried when they get the punishment. They vowed not to repeat the offense, and I believe them. 

Hopefully next year they will come stronger and pass their SPM with flying colours. 

Thanks for the teachers also for your cooperation. 

Not quite the 'flying colours' I had in mind but still a beautiful one

Monday, November 02, 2015


The most anticipated time has finally come. Starting from today, SPM students will start battling their wits against the unforgiving questions while teachers anxiously watch from the sides. It is now up to the students to prove their worth, to show their keenness and to give their everything in an exam that could be the stepping stone to achieve their dream. 

As for the teachers, you have done well in preparing them for the exam. All that you can do now is to pray for them, because success is really in the hand of God, no matter how well the preparation is. Don't get upset when a student of yours cannot answer the papers; bear in mind that they have tried their best.

External and internal factors will always be there to determine the state of mind of the candidates. Even though he or she has very calm state of mind going to the exam hall, news such as the sudden death of family members will surely have the bearings on his mind. 

I am really sorry for one of my students who are currently in ward because of an accident, while his classmate lost all his family members in a car accident just two days ago.

May Allah grant them composure and courage in SPM.

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