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Thursday, May 01, 2014

50-Word Sentence Competition

1 May is Labour Day, so, it is a rest day for me. This also means that I have extra from my pay this month which I would like to share with my students from 5 Bestari and 4 Arif. Earlier, I had a lesson which required them to make a 50-word sentence from the given subject and a finite verb. Therefore, I will be giving them the opportunity to use their prior knowledge to make a 50-word sentence as creatively as possible and get RM50.00 for reward. 

Please use the following subject and finite verb:

The labourer works.

The Rules and Regulations

1. The participant must use the given subject and finite verb above as the main subject and verb.
2. The participant must use Complex Sentence. Compound Sentence will not be accepted. 
3. Using the word 'The labourer' is optional. Any other words with the same meaning is acceptable. 
4. The finite verb must be used in the suitable tenses.  
5. The sentence  must consists of 50 words; not more or less. 
6. The sentence must be written in the comments below this post complete with the participant's name and class name.
7. The participant can submit more than one sentence.
8. The sentence must be submitted starting from today until 31st May 2014.
9. The participant must be from 5 Bestari or 4 Arif 2014.
10. My decision is final.

Click here to submit your answer.

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