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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blue Team Won Again!

Today, the students ran approximately 6 kilometres for the cross country event. There were 6 categories altogether; Category A for Form 4 and 5 students, Category B (Form 2 and 3) and Category C (Form 1) for both the boys and the girls. The students represented their respective teams; Blue, Red, Green and Yellow teams, and the points gathered by them were accumulated for the overall team standings. Same as last year, the Blue team won by miles, followed by Red, Green and Yellow teams. It was always the same arguments; the athletes were not divided accordingly across the teams and most of them gathered in the Blue team. Hopefully, next year's event will be very competitive, and not a one-sided event like the previous years.

Some memorable moments in pictures:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CASTROL Go to School

There were Mat Rempit in town, good Mat Rempits.. Actually, the Ministry of Education signed an MoU with Castrol Malaysia to initiate the Castrol Go to School Programme. The purpose of the programme is to inculcate safe and smart motorcycling culture. The programme was officially launched by Deputy Education Minister, Dato' Noh bin Haji Omar on 13th February 2007. Today, the legendary motorcycling legend, Mr. Wazi bin Abdul Hamid himself came to our school to educate the students, especially the lucky 200 participants who got the chance to ride the motorcycles brought by the organiser, on the safe and smart ways to behave on the streets. It consists of the techniques to control the motorcycle through a lane marked by cones, and also braking the motorcycle safely from a high speed. For safety reasons, the selected students wore safety pads and crash helmets.

Here are some pictures of the historical event:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Prefect & Librarian Inauguration Ceremony

The prefects of the school are like the policemen working for the school government. As such, they should be appointed accordingly so that their powers will be duly acknowledged. This is important so that their powers would not be questioned by the would be criminals. Thus, the school held an inauguration ceremony each year for all the prefects and also the librarians. They were given a certificate each to show that the school administration has given them the license to uphold the school's rules and regulations. The prefects were appointed from different ethnicity, as an evidence for the diversity of the school itself. This year's ceremony was officiated by Tuan Haji Fazam Mat Ladzim, the manager of the Community Development of KESEDAR, Gua Musang. The pledge was succesfully led by Abdul Rashizolze, the Head Prefect after the opening speech by Tuan Haji Fazam.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Helmy Lost to Two 'Zul's and Missed Out, Nearly..

Mohd Helmy Rasnan from 5 Science missed out on the chance to represent the state in the MSSM chess tournament held in SMK Jeli recently. He lost to Zulhilmi in round 4 and lost to Zulhasime in round 6, which dented his hope to be the first state chess representative from SMKTIP(2). The result of our school representatives in the tournament:

Boys under-18
7 from 63 players - Mohd Helmy Rasnan

Boys under-15
24/63 - Mohd Khairul Azman
33/63 - Mohd Zulhusni Abdul Aziz

For more information, please go to this blog.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SMKTIP(2) Players Shine In Jerek

Alhamdulillah, we just finished our selection for students to represent the district of Gua Musang in the upcoming MSSM chess tournament in Jeli later this month. 36 students from various schools made up the 6 categories consisting of boys and girls under-12, under-15 and under 18. From my observation, I found that the standard of play among these students have increased--less stalemates and more spectacular moves happened in the 3 days tournament. What made this tournament more memorable was the participation of a physically disabled student who moved the pieces with his feet. Even though he did not make the final cut, we must applaud his efforts and dedication. Last year's state representative, Md Lokman of boys under -12, also managed to cruise through. The full list of players:

Boys under 18:
- Mohd Helmy (SMK Tengku Indra Petra 2)
- Saiful Azhar (SMK Chiku 2)
- Mohd Khalimun (SMK Paloh)
- Zulkifli (SMK Chiku 2)
- Mohd Khairul Anuar (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Mohd Ikhram (SMK Tengku Bendahara)

Boys under 15:
- Mohd Zulhusni (SMK Tengku Indra Petra 2)
- Ahmad Wafi (SMK Paloh)
- Nor Arrashid (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Mohd Khairul Azman (SMK Tengku Indra Petra 2)
- Mohd Faizzuddin (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Mohd Firdaus (SMK Chiku 2)

Boys under 12:
- Mohd Lokman (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Mohd Ikram (SK Chiku 3)
- Mohd Afiq (SK Chiku 3)
- Ahmad Muzammil (SK Sri Wangi)
- Mohd Shahrul Nazli (SK Limau Kasturi 2)
- Fakhri Ariffin (SK Sri Wangi)

Girls under 18:
- Noorhayati (SMK Paloh)
- Siti Rokiah (SMK Paloh)
- Nurhayati (SMK Chiku 2)
- Nurul Asmaniza (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Halimatu Saadiah (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Roslaila (SMK Tengku Bendahara)

Girls under 15:
- Safinah (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Nur Lidaini (SMK Chiku 2)
- Siti Nuraini (SMK Paloh)
- Nor Laila (SMK Tengku Bendahara)
- Nurul Ain Farahanim (SMK Sungai Asap)
- Maizatul Nadia (SMK Sungai Asap)

Girls under 12:
- Wan Nur Farzana (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Nursyazwani (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Siti Norhaziqah (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Nur Anis Nabila (SK Paloh 1&2)
- Noratikah (SK Limau Kasturi 2)
- Siti Nur Illyana (SK Chiku 3)

Below are pictures from the event:

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How To Coach Youngsters

I am the coach for my school, and also the head coach for the Gua Musang team for MSSM, but I am still finding the best approach to coach these youngsters. No doubt that there are many potentials in the school team, and many more will be discovered when the district tournament is over next week, but all these will account to nothing if I could not find the best practical way to improve their skills and techniques. Last year I tried to instill everything from the opening to the ending part of the game, but still the younger ones, especially under-12s, made unnecessary moves, or moved against all that been taught. This year, with limited time for the central training compared to last year, I will try to focus only on what I think is necessary for their development. Moreover, I will try to personally coach only several who I think have the most potentials to make any inroads in the state championship.
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