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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Teachers are Disciplinarian

Are you a discipline teacher? Are you responsible for disciplinary problems in your school? If your answer for the first question is 'No', it is acceptable because you are maybe an IT teacher or a teacher responsible for examinations. However, if your answer for the second question is also a 'No', you are absolutely wrong. Teachers are born to be a disciplinarian. They don''t have to get a title of a 'Discipline Teacher' to correct those students who committed the offenses. They can punish them accordingly or just send them to the discipline teacher, if their offenses are too serious. Either way, those students should not be let off the hook for their crimes, or they will think that there is nothing wrong with it. Among popular sins committed by students (my school included!) are fighting, bullying, skipping classes and the most popular, smoking. Almost everyday students smoke in the toilet, and they do not afraid of getting caught. It is as though smoking is not a crime, as their father and family members smoke at home. School is a non-smoking place, be it for students or teachers alike. Therefore, in order for the teachers to curb smoking among students, they must also not smoke in the school area. This is not the case, however, because we can find that teachers openly smoke, especially at the canteen.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Teachers and Extra Tasks

I've been an inactive blogger for 2 years now, during which there have been so many things happened since the last time I logged in. 2 and a half years at SMKTIP(2) happen so fast, with so many interesting memories now residing in the 'memory section' of my brain. Throughout the colourful years, I taught mainly English Language for lower secondary students. Nowadays, I am given the task to introduce these students to the Information and Computer Technology, or ICT. It is a challenging subject, so to speak, because I am not an IT graduate. But, I try to do it as best as I can, for it is my duty to adhere to the task given. On the contrary, what have been happening all these years are teachers withholding their abilities and skills just not to burden themselves with extra works, be it academically or in extra curricular activities. Although they have the knowledge in accounting, for example, they prefer to keep quiet and go on teaching lower secondary mathematics. Some of them have the expertise in English debating, to cite an extra curricular activity, but they have the heart to let an inexperience Geography teacher to guide the debate students who are going to represent the school. As in my case, I pay the price for revealing most of my abilities, as I am given many tasks by the school authorities. Even though I do not regard it as a burden, but time constraints restrict the percentage of what I can accomplish compared to distributing these tasks among the others. The principal and his administrative staffs do not know what you can do unless you offer yourself to do the task. And even though you do not have the skills to do that particular job, you can always learn from those who know, in order to upgrade yourself to another level.
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