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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Useful Information on Budgeting

I was really moved reading this piece of article. I have heard my friend saying about this type of budgeting, but I never really take heed. However, living in inflation nowadays makes me wonder how I should do my monthly spending. 

Let say that I have RM2000 nett. According to Li Ka-Shing, I have to put it into five sets of funds. 

1. RM600 for living expenses. I must make sure that I spend maximum of RM20 each day. On school days, I eat breakfast at the canteen, lunch at home and sometimes eat out for dinner. On weekends, I buy breakfast for the whole family, lunch and dinner at home. Well, I also have to buy milk and pampers for my baby daughter and petrol for my car. Sometimes, I have to buy two-way bus tickets for my wife's travel from Penang to Kelantan. I wonder where I have to put all the utility bills?

2. RM400 for social life. I use prepaid and I also pay for my wife's broadband. I think the Steamyx bill should also be placed under this set of fund. How about spending some money here to enhance my reputation among my students and also my colleagues? 

3. RM300 to learn. I am supposed to use it to buy some books to be read. I can also use this fund to enter some English teaching or chess coaching courses to upgrade my skills in both fields. Maybe I can also sign up as chess.com VIP member and indulge in its training lessons. 

4. RM200 for holidays overseas. Well, he did say that I have to save for the whole year to at least rewarding myself with an oversea travel once a year. 

5. RM500 for investments. It should be saved in the bank and not to be touched unless for emergency use. 

So, hopefully I can adhere to this budgeting. I wonder if I can really buy a house within five years like he said.  

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