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Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Torres' Hattrick

No comment. The best striker in the world right now. Watch out Chelsea. For all the fans out there, refresh your mind with all the goals. The first is my best, nutmegging a bunch of defenders and beating the goalkeeper at the far post. Truly genius.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saudi Prince Wants LFC Investment

An Arabic newspaper reported their interview with a prince who wanted to buy 50% of LFC stakes worth around 200 - 35o million pounds. Saudi Arabia's Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah said:

"We are looking at the present time to acquire a 50% stake in the club, which is currently suffering from debts of up to £245 million. The value of the deal, which will be finalized soon, is around £200 million to £350 million pounds".

source: http://www.alriyadh.com

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of My Favourite Toy of All Time

The Rubik's Cube is still my favourite toy ever since I was small until now. I still remember the sleepless nights of trying to solve the puzzle, which was at that Internet-less time proven to be quite impossible, except to use the guidance given with the box. I memorized the algorithm then, but failed to summon it up when I tried my sister-in-law's Rubik's cube. A browse in the Internet followed, and here is the solution I found to solve this evergreen puzzle (I'm not going to waste Raya holidays just for solving the cube, hehe).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Torres Fires Liverpool FC to Glory

Last night I watched Torres destroyed West Ham's defense mercilessly. Here are the two goals which sinks the Hammers. The first one is reminiscent of his debut BPL goal against Chelsea, while the second is a powerful striker's header, right at the bottom corner. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Liverpool FC New Shirt Sponsor

I always have been hoping for new shirt sponsor for my favourite football club Liverpool FC, because the current sponsor will never be allowed to enter Malaysia. I am glad to read that Standard Chartered will be printed on Torres' shirt starting from July 2010 to 2014 (I hope it will be extended beyond that). This means that I can, in the near future, watch my club in flesh. Moreover, I can contemplate buying the original jersey with the original logo at the front, contrasting to what I've bought so far with 'Liverpool' adjusted from Carlsberg logo. With LFC now in full swing, I hope this partnership will be a success!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My Best Scrabble Game Yet

One of my passion is playing board games, especially chess and Scrabble. Recently, I found Scrabble in the Facebook. Understandably, I am quickly addicted to it. Today, I played a game against an online opponent, Hilary. It is to be the best Scrabble game I ever played. After she started the game, I trailed her very closely. Then I had 2 blanks on my rack. I waited for the chance to put a bingo, which came sooner rather than latter. I hit her with RATLINGS for 113 points, my best score so far for a single word. The reason I got so much points is that the word covered two Triple Word squares. The game ended with another bingo SPUTNIK which practically forced her to forfeit. Final score Hilary 311 points - Me 522 points.

Here are the moves (H for Hilary, M for me):

H: WAFT 20pts
M: AT, FA, OF, FOAL 27pts
H: EAT, WOF, EL, WEE 36pts
M: NEAT, EEL, NE 15pts
H: FAB, WO, GOB 27pts
M: GI, WON, IN 11pts
H: DIN, DIN 16pts
M: GIN, DIN 12pts
H: JEEL, JILL 46pts
M: RATLINGS 113pts
M: NEE, VIE 15pts
H: AL, HE, AH 22pts
M: ZA, VET, ZEL 52pts
H: GOBS, WOFS 17pts
M: AS, AIM 12pts
M: QI, UM, QUA 47pts
H: QUAT, DOT 21pts
M: QUATE, OB, BE 40pts
H: OD, ROB, TORA 19pts
M: CH, ALE, HEM, HEM 41pts
H: THEM 9pts
M: CHE, TO, OE 20pts
H: RALE 4pts
M: AR, YA 15pts
H: OY, COO 20pts
H: forfeited the game

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