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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Enjoyable Trip

"Come on everybody! Wake up! I want to see all of you in the car at 8.30 sharp, or else..." I commanded.

That day, we planned to visit the famous Crystal Mosque at Terengganu, and on our way home, stop at La Hot Springs. Everybody was ready, including my 3-year-old son, 'Ammar. He was anxious as to where I would take him.

"Where are we going, abi (father)?" he asked.

"We are going to Terengganu. You've never been to Terengganu, haven't you?" I explained, and whether he understood my explanation or not was not that important.

"Yeay!" he exclaimed, happily.

As promised, the five of us departed at 8.30 a.m. We stopped for our breakfast at Machang, near the traffic light. As the driver, I had a heavy breakfast, eating Nasi Dagang with grilled drumstick, while others only had roti canai.

Half an hour later, we continued our journey. The signboard showed that Kuala Terengganu was 144 kilometres away, and it took us approximately 2 hours from where we had our breakfast that morning, to reach our destination.

The journey was very enjoyable. We travelled through Pasir Putih, and when we entered Terengganu border, we could see remarkably-designed mosques throughout. We all gasped in awe, because the mosques looked very clean and beautiful. They were very different from the mosques in Kelantan, where the designs and the beauty were not that apparent.

Arriving in Kuala Terengganu, I had no problem in finding the whereabouts of the Crystal Mosque because we could clearly see it from the bridge. It was situated near the riverbank, and was surrounded by many structures, especially the Convention Centre and the replicas of the mosques from around the world in the Monument Park.

First, we took some pictures at the Crystal Mosque compound. There were many people there; some of them were taking pictures also, while others were having a programme inside the mosque. 'Ammar was very excited, posing and asking me to take his pictures in front of the mosque.

Then, we entered the Monument Park. It was captivating just to see the smaller scale replicas of the most beautiful of mosques and monuments from around the world, among which were al-Haram and al-Nabawi Mosques (both were situated in Saudi Arabia,) al-Hambra Mosque (Spain), and the Taj Mahal (India).

While in the park, 'Ammar saw pupils getting on the tram unceremoniously from afar. He said, "Abi, I want to ride the tram". "We can't, my dear son. We don't have the tickets," I replied.

I was taking my camera out and starting to take the pupils' pictures when I heard them calling, "Sir, come with us!. Sir, come with us!".

It was then I realized that they were actually pupils from my school, who were travelling with the teachers in a three-days-two-nights tour of Terengganu. And luckily for 'Ammar, he had the chance to enjoy a free tram ride after all, courtesy of the group tour.

After spending a couple of hours in the park, and taking pictures at all the monuments and mosques, we decided that it was time to go. But, we cashed in the vouchers given to us at the park's cafe and its souvenir shop.

It was already 5 p.m. when we got out from the place. After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that there was not enough time to continue our plan with the La Hot Springs. Thus, we found a place to stay in for the night, and would carry our plan forward the next day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

This picture is for illustration only

Red Warrior Stadium

Non-Kelantanese, stay away from this post. Kelantan's football has been on the rise nowadays. The 'Red Warriors' are the heroes, the heart and soul, of most Kelantanese, if not all of them. Whenever they play, wherever they play, the stadium will be full. Even more so if they were playing at the Sultan Muhammad IV stadium, a host for approximately 30,000 fans, we could see a sea of red flooded it. Built in 1967, this stadium could no longer bear the burden of having to cater for the maximum capacity, thus a call for a new stadium with a larger space has been made. Accordingly, the Menteri Besar of Kelantan has announced that a new stadium with the maximum capacity of 40,000 will be built in Pasir Putih.

Now, it will be further away from the capital, but if you are a true fan, a little travel would not bother, wouldn't it?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It was not as I had expected....

I was marking PKBS 2, and I came across this essay from one of my pupils. Even though there were still plenty of grammatical mistake, the plot of the story really interest me.

It was not as I had expected when my parents told me that they will have their candlelight dinner at a grand hotel in the town.

"What!" I protested.
"Oh, Darvin. Just stay at home as tomorrow you'll have your English's paper, right?" mom asked politely.
"Ah, that's right," I mumbled.

Then, they ( ) gone. I was lonely again in this enormous mansion or I should called it as ( ) 'castle'. I was the only son of one loaded couple that was my mom and dad. I was thankful as I was born ( ) ( ) silver spoon in my mouth.

Then, one idea knocked my mind. My plan was to ask Daren and Darvichi ( ) came to my house and hang out with me. So, I speeded to upstairs and gave a call for those kids. They were my best buddies ever since I was six. Coincidently, (their both) parents were not at home tonight. So, we had our deal!

So, I cleaned up my bedroom that was when you saw into it, it was ( ) a great disaster ( ) happened. Five minutes ( ) past ...


Then, I stood up. I took a look at the clock. How fast they were? Is that they were coming with Superman? I headed to downstairs and unlock the door. I opened up the black marmar door and ( ) shocked. It was not them. In front of me, there was a tall women standing with her lovely straight hair facing my face.

Then, I asked the women.

"Erm, miss. Who are you?" I said in low vox.

Out of the blue, she turned around. I ( ) stunned for a while. She ( ) just like a princess from the heaven. Her pale face, rounded blue eyes and reddish lips freezed me. Then ...


The teapots and chip pan was clittering in the kitchen. Then, I turned around to see what was going on. I turned back for ( ) unknown sabi women before. I was extremely shocked. She was gone! Where was she? It was impossible that a women would ran away through my alarmed-gate without any sounds.

Then... CLANG.

It happened again. I slowly lock the door and creeped to my kitchen.

"Hello. Who is that? Can you hear me ( ) ". I asked.


It made my hair stood up. It just freak me out. Out of the blue, DARVIN! Darvici and Daren shrieked from behind. I close my eyes tightly and my body was extremely shivered. The tears was filled up in my eyes. In my whole life time, I had never been so frightened.

Then, I stood up and stared to them. Ah, it was all because of them. They were laughing out loud on the floor. They cannot stopped laughing. They told me that it was all their works. They just want to make some jokes with me.

"Hahaha. You are just the funny one!" Daren said while laughing.

"Stop it. Don't make that stupid joke next time. You are totally make me dying." I shrieked.

They started to laugh again.

"So, just spill the beans now! Where did you get the beauty?" I asked.

"What beuty?" They ( ) confused.

I ( ) puzzled. If she was not one of their plan. who was that?

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