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Sunday, April 17, 2011

English Weeks

Last week, the English Panel had conducted a preliminary for some English programs in order for the pupils to effectively use the English language. The programs were divided according the levels:
  • Choral speaking for lower secondary (Forms 1, 2 and 3)
  • Poem recitation for both levels
  • Drama for form 4
  • Public speaking for form 5
I was involved in helping my pupils in at least 3 of these programs (minus Choral speaking because I only teach upper secondary):
  • Poem recitation for 5E
  • Drama for 4B
  • Public speaking for 5A
All managed to go to the finals this Wednesday.

The main characters of Gulp & Gasp: Crouch, Lord Septic, Rose & Percy

Friday, April 08, 2011

Three of these SMKCE's beauties will represent the district this year.

The Three Princesses

The selection ended yesterday. 3 new faces emerged to represent SMKCE to the state selection early next month. Interestingly, one of them is a beginner, learning the moves just last week, while the two others have played before this, although with limited skills. Now, my task is to hone them to become formidable chess players within a month time. Hopefully, one of them will start playing with the best at the nationals by flying the state flag high.

1. Maznie Madri (1 Arif)

This girl also plays hockey, and was just coming back from a hockey tournament that evening to become third in her chess category. What a glorious day for her as the hockey team also managed to win their game. She has a very aggressive style; I saw her attacking with the Black pieces!

2. Nurul Asyikin Anuar (1 Arif)

A very quiet girl, but unpredictable at the board. She always asks me questions in training whenever she does not understand the position. With time on her side, she will get even better with this studious attitude.

3. Nik Shamiera Adnan (5 Arif)

A complete beginner and an unpolished gem. She has the tendency for quick learning, eventhough she always asks me to become patient for her slowness. However, time is her enemy, because she is already in Form 5. I regret overlooking her last year, but am happy to push her as far as she can go this year.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


MSSM is around the corner. Every district in Kelantan now are having, or already had, their own tournament to select their best players. Tumpat will hold its own at SK Kampung Laut starting from tomorrow. So far, players from 6 primary schools and 8 secondary schools have confirmed their participation. The schools are:

Primary Schools:
  1. SK Chabang Empat
  2. SK Kampung Laut
  3. SK Berangan (1)
  4. SK Chenderong Batu
  5. SK Kutan
  6. SK Palekbang

Secondary Schools:
  1. SMK Chabang Empat
  2. SMK Tumpat
  3. SMK Wakaf Bharu
  4. SMK Dato Bijiwangsa
  5. SMK Geting
  6. SMK Mahmud Mahyidin
  7. SMK Sungai Pinang
  8. MRSM Tumpat

My school will send 13 players for 3 secondary school categories.

Boys U-18
  1. Muhammad Badrul Hafiz bin Ibrahim
  2. Mohamad Firdaus bin Razali
  3. Wan Abu Bakar bin Samaun
  4. Mohamad Faqih Hazim bin Mohd Yusoff
  5. Mohammad Khaidir bin Mahmud Kamaruddin
  6. Wan Mohamad Amim bin Mohd Nasir

Girls U-18
  1. Nik Shamiera binti Adnan
  2. Noor Sahida binti Anuar
  3. Nur Diyana binti Mohd Azlan

Girls U-15
  1. Nor Izzatul Elanie binti Mustafah
  2. Nurul Asyikin binti Anuar
  3. Maznie binti Madri
  4. Noor Fadhillah binti Ismail

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