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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dr. Cermin

My car was following a lorry when it happened. A stone was thrown as impact from the tyres of the lorry and it didn't take much to put a tiny hole on the windscreen. After asking around whether to repair the windscreen or to buy a new one, a friend informed me of Dr. Cermin (the mirror doctor). 

I browsed through its website before deciding to try its service. I found out that they have one branch at Kubang Kerian, in front of the castle. I also brought my wife's car, which had just been taken out from the workshop after a lengthy spell with the mechanic because of 2014 flood, because it also has a tiny hole on its windscreen. However, its crack has spread wide because of non-treatment. 

Knowing that my new hole would cost me RM90, one could only imagine how much my wife's car big crack would cost. Even the Dr. Cermin staffs were reluctant to treat its wound, suggesting instead for me to change it because the cost would be nearly the same.

So, four days later, I changed the windscreen, after 'shopping around' nearby and found LIM CLS Motorworks and Glass Supply to be the cheapest among the alternatives.  

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