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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beware of POWER ROOT Scam!

I received a SMS today from +60145612949 with this exact extract:

"TAHNIAH"No. Simp-card anda B'jaya menangi ('RM10.000,00') dr:'POWER ROOT' No.Seri_f2e547c Sila CALL.Office: 013 863 5351 MOH.ISKANDAR BIN ISMAIL. Terimakasih.

I browsed the Internet, and I found an interesting comment by OCL here. Make sure you do not succumb to this kind of scam. Always be careful. Nothing is FREE in this materialistic world. The best thing to do is whether to ignore and delete it, or report it to the police.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Week in Sports

SMKCE organized a week in sports, starting with the Sukantara on Sunday (21/2/2010) and Monday (22/2/2010), the rehearsal on Tuesday (23/2/2010) and the Olahraga (athletics) on Wednesday (24/2/2010). It was an eventful week pitting the Putrans (wearing red), Satrians (yellow), Wajans (green) and the Wirans (blue) against each other on the track for 100m, 200m, 4x100m, 4x400m, 800m, 1500m and 3000m. They also competed on the field for the high jump, long jump, discus throw and the shot put. Apart from that, the last day of the Sports Week also included the tug of war, the marching, the cheerleading, and the tent competitions. The overall winners were (in order of the most accumulated points) Putra, Satria, Waja and Wira.

My task was to prepare Wira students for marching, and I thought we did an excellent job of portraying the 1 Malaysia theme through our 5 minutes customary play in front of the grandstand. However, we did not win the march, but won the tent and cheerleading competition instead. My other task was to be in charge of the emergency tent, which resulted in me getting into the ambulance to escort a student who passed out due to not having proper breakfast before immersing himself into 3 running events!

Nevertheless, amidst the enjoyment, sadly to say that the initial event was supposedly to be officiated by an outside official, but a circular was said to be adhered to saying that no sports event is to be held before the 1st of June! (I've yet to find this particular circular on the net) Thus, the event was officiated by our own principal, Pn. Nik Hasnah Nik Li.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Laughter, The Best Medicine

I always like a good joke. However, I like it better when it is a natural one, not created by the funny minds. It is always hilarious to see funny things happen naturally in a days work. Like this video shows, the defenders shared it at the end of receiving a funny goal.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Streamyx or Celcom Broadband?

Last week I installed Streamyx at my home. In the mean time, I'm still paying for two Celcom Broadband accounts; one for my use and one for my wife. Economically speaking, I'm not a very wealthy man, being only a government servant, thus terminating one of the Celcom account is a must. But, not after I calculated all the pros and cons, that I've decide upon installing Streamyx.

Pros: Very fast, with 1.0 Mbps download speed.
Cons: Not portable. RM100/month.

Celcom Broadband:
Pros: Portable. RM68/month.
Cons: Only 384 Kbps (at area with 3G)

Thursday, February 04, 2010


I cannot help but smile broadly when the DPM announced that RM89 mil will be allocated for sports development in school, and for the 24 sports under MSSM to be held unhindered. This is in line with his vision for sports to be a policy in schools. He has lived up to his words to help sports in school when he was shocked by Tunku Tan Sri Imran's revelation about the scrapped sports from MSSM calendar. All the efforts taken by the bloggers to condemn the exclusion of chess from the MSSM calendar have been fruitful. All the teachers and coaches will be very grateful and enthusiastic hearing this news, and all the students will be very eager to continue their training. See you in MSSM! Speaking of which, where will it be held this year?

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