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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Go, Young Tigers, Go!

I never felt this excited watching Malaysian football except until recently when The Red Warriors (TRW) captured my heart. Yes, I am a Kelantanese and yes, I like football very much. However, those are not only reasons I watch Malaysian football now. The 'Harimau Malaya' (Malayan Tigers) has proved it time and again that they can actually compete with the best and we should give them our utmost support. It's no use supporting teams from the EPL or La Liga and neglect our own local teams with the reason that our teams do not play as good as Liverpools, Real Madrids or AC Milans. Even though that we are not on par with those teams consist of multimillionaire players, we can still get better with proper training and more monetary injection. In terms of playing, we have proven that we can win here and there, with the example of winning the previous SEA Games, and play against the best proudly, such as playing against Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea this year. Hence, all those sponsorships should be investing more on our own turf rather than going to Norwich City or QPR. On the other hand, our players do not have to seek greener pastures abroad like what happen to Safee Salee or previously, Akmal Rizal. State teams also should have not begged for money like what happens to TRW.

Now, the Tigers should also play their part in advertising markets for the sponsorship, and they can start with defending the SEA Games gold medal by beating the Indonesians. I'm not going to be rude on the Indonesians, although their supporters' actions are not much to be proud of. In my humble opinion, sports should be uniting nations, not as a platform for disagreement. So, in your opinion, do these acts (pictures below) indicate a civilized nation?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Zinga Island or Manzu Highlands?

If I have the opportunity to go for a holiday, I will like to visit the Manzu Highlands which is just situated at the heart of Pahang.

After a constant mad rush (of) life in the city, I would definitely like to release my stress and frustration. Manzu Highlands is suitable for relaxation and a good holiday destination for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated in the hills, Manzu Highlands is a spot full of fresh air and the temperature is just fine instead of the weather in the city where the sun is scorching and blaring (blistering) with intense heat. Although it is quite chilly, the weather allows us to sleep with peace without having the necessity to turn on the air-conditioner.

Other than that, Manzu Highlands is well-known for its quiet and peaceful environment. Its tranquility makes it a hot spot for tourists from all walks of life. It is free of any sound pollution and ear-deafening noise such as the honking of the vehicles unlike the life in the urbanisation. It is indisputable that Manzu Highlands is a perfect location when it involves the scene of serenity as the vivid and blue sky soothes and calms the heart of pressured city workers.

Moreover, there are countless of beautiful sceneries (scenery) that can be witnessed. The majestic-looking mountains and the greeneries (greenery) around Manzu Highlands are the main attraction there. The mist that is surrounding the mountains all the time stirred the curiosity of everyone who visits there. The scenery during the dawn and dusk are proclaimed to be the most beautiful scenery that you can see in the ( ) Malaysia and it just gets better when the glimmering of stars during night time can be clearly seen up above the sky!

Not only that, despite of the chilly weather in Manzu Highlands, there are tremendous amount of activities that can be done. Fishing can be done at various locations as Manzu Highlands has many rivers with suitable temperature that can promote the growth of aquatic organisms. As I am an enthusiast in fishing, it will be definitely (definitely be) a golden opportunity for me! Furthermore, rock-climbing and mountaineering is a divine intervention for those who is eager and enthusiastic to try out the extreme activities offered there. For those who prefer less strenuous activities, they can visit the popular landmarks such as strawberry farm and the bee apiary. They can purchase souvenirs as much as they like to!

On the contrary (Hence), Manzu Highlands is an ideal destination for holidays as it offers an (a) once -in-a-lifetime experience for those who visit there. I will definitely go to Manzu Highlands for a holiday as it fulfilled all my requirements and it is a better selection if compared to Zinga Island.


mad rush - done without thought or control
hustle and bustle - busy and noisy activity of a lot of people in one place
scorching - very hot
blaring - make a loud unpleasant noise
blistering - extremely hot in a way that is uncomfortable
tranquility - quiet and peaceful
indisputable - that is true and cannot be denied
serenity - calm and peaceful
soothes - to make somebody feel calmer
majestic - impressive because of size or beauty
greenery - attractive green leaves and plants
stirred - awakened
proclaimed - to publicly and officially tell people about something important
glimmering - to shine with a faint unsteady light
tremendous - very great
aquatic - growing or living in, on or near water
enthusiast - a person who is very interested in something
divine intervention - help from God to change a situation
strenuous - needing great effort and energy
apiary - a place where bees are kept
on the contrary - used to introduce a statement that says the opposite of the last one
hence - for this reason

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy Eid Qurban 2011

My extraordinary feat for this year's Eid:

Car: Toyota Avanza 1.3 (manual)
Distance covered: 1211 km
Inside the car: 20 hours
Outside the car: 4 hours
Total nap time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Friday (4 Nov 2011)

4.15 am - Departed from my house at Kota Bharu.
5.00 am - Stopped at SMK Keroh.
6.30 am - Prayed Subuh at RNR, Gua Musang.
7.15 am - Had breakfast at Gua Musang.
7.45 am - Stopped at Gua Musang Petronas for gas.
8.15 am - Stopped at Chegar Perah for a 15 minute nap.
10.00 am - Stopped at Kechau.
12.00 pm - Stopped at Aunt Yati's house in Taman Melawati. Departed 40 minutes later.
1.30 pm - Arrived at UKM. Departed 45 minutes later.
2.30 pm - Prayed Zuhur/Asar at Bangi. Had lunch also.
4.00 pm - Arrived at UM. Departed 20 minutes later.
5.30 pm - Stopped at Bentong Petronas for gas.
6.30 pm - Stuck in traffic at Bentong. Made a U-turn for Terengganu.
8.00 pm - Stopped at RNR Gambang for Maghrib/Isha' prayer and dinner.
12.00 am - Took an hour nap at a petrol station somewhere in Terengganu.

Saturday (5 Nov 2011)

2.45 am - Stopped at Jerteh Petronas for gas.
4.15 am - Arrived at Tanah Merah home.
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