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Monday, November 10, 2014

SPM Sample Essay

In one of the lessons where we were revising for SPM examination, I told my students that they should memorize at least a narrative essay in order to tackle Section B of Paper 1. One of my students memorize this essay:

However, I was aghast when I read the SPM Paper 1 questions. It was so specific that I wondered how can my students write what they had already memorized. Below is an idea:

4. Write a story about a fisherman starting with 'The wind blew strongly. Out at sea...'

   The wind blew strongly. Out at sea, I carefully navigated the ship, hoping to survive another day. As a seasoned fisherman, this was nothing new. However, I could not help remembering what happened last year. 

    It was a scorching hot day. My daughter just had netball practice and felt very exhausted. She headed to the bus stop to wait for Bus 101 which would take her home.  She was beginning to drift off to sleep when she saw the bus arriving. The sun was shining ablaze and that was probably the reason why she took the wrong bus, Bus 111. She was totally unaware of it.
   She was glad to get a seat. Within minutes, she was slumped against the window, fast asleep. When she opened her eyes more than an hour later, she found herself in the middle of nowhere. It was already dusk and she was the only passenger left on the bus. She could not recognize the part of town they were passing through. She pressed the bell and the bus puffed to a halt. She planned to hop across the road and catch a bus going the opposite direction. But, she found herself on a deserted street with a row of shops that were already shuttered. She kicked herself for not asking the driver for directions.
   As she was wondering what to do, a motorcycle lurched into view and stopped right in front of her. She braved herself to ask him how to get back to Taman Kenangan. He grinned, showing his uneven set of teeth. Then he patted the back seat and said that he would send her home. Without hesitation, she scrambled on the pillion. He turned the motorcycle around and headed in the direction she wanted. They travelled for about fifteen minutes and the road seemed peculiar to her. The rider made a few turns and she knew she was brought to different unknown destination.
   Out of the blue, alarm bells started to ring in her head. She tapped his back and told him to stop. He leaned forward and went at high speed instead before slowing down to turn into a dark and narrow road that led into an oil palm plantation.
   My daughter had had enough. She leaped off and rolled herself onto the ground. Angrily, the man turned around and rode towards her. She swung her school bag at him and he lost his balance before falling off his motorcycle. Without looking back, she ran for her life. She dared not to stop until she found herself on a tarred road. She was relieved to see a taxi and waved her hand, hoping that it would stop. Luckily, it did! She got in and gave the driver our house address. 

   After twenty minutes, she arrived at our home. When I came towards her, she hugged me tightly. After I learnt what had happened, I was horrified. I told her that she should have just looked for a public phone and called home when she was lost. 

   A splash of sea water on the face suddenly brought me to reality. I wryly smiled. 


Najib Ariyan said...

Salam kenal dan salam singgah... takleh dah nak belajar yg heavy2... dah tua, otak keras... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Tlng buat satu essay narrative yg "Write a story about a singer, begins with 'It's was like other normal Sunday morning ...' "

Cikgu Azizul said...

Maaf ye Farhana... cikgu tak buat ikut permintaan... blog ini sekadar berkongsi apa yg berlaku di atas diri cikgu dan sekitar cikgu.... I'm sure you can do it by your own... lagipun tajuk yg awak beri tu rasanya mudah je kot.. cari Nouns, Verbs dan Adjectives yg bersesuaian dengan kehidupan seorang penyanyi. You'll be fine.

Mardiyati Basri said...

Creative thinking, well done!

Cikgu Azizul said...

Thanks, Mardiyati... Read my latest on 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'.

Arifd said...

Hi cikgu! In my opinion, ordering them to memorise essays is not a wise move as it will only suck up the creativity of the students. Instead, my teacher had given us a specific topic/phrase/word And instructed us to write anything that comes in mind about it for under a specific time. Its called impromptu writing and I think it helps me boost my creativity in writing essays. If you have the creativity and the skill of time management, coping with any continuous essays Will be a breeze!

Unknown said...

Pls..if u want the students to memorize make sure they turn it into a writing.so that the teacher is able to mark n correct the students' mistake.n this will b their original work.by asking students to only memorize, the examiner will consider it as a "prepared script".n will compare to DW.they will pull down the band if the language is not parallel tu DW.tq

zaitul liny said...

minta izin nak guna story cikgu untk di share dengan rakan saya for this upcoming spm :) terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Write a story about a fisherman, yet the whole plot revolved around his daughter and had nothing to do with the title. My teacher would mark this as off-topic, so study this essay at your own risk.

Unknown said...

Write a story about a fisherman, yet the whole plot revolved around his daughter and had nothing to do with the title. My teacher would mark this as off-topic, so study this essay at your own risk.

ping joan said...

if the question ask describe what make you happy and explain it. can i say have an outing with my family is thing make me happy?

Nur Khairiena said...

hai tc... boleh tak tc listkan kata2 hikmah in english?

Saidi Yusof said...

Dear Teacher.
could you recommend me any narrative essay that you do for your students except the one you already have post?

Nor Ezzati Ramali said...

dear teacher,
i have a problem to get idea when writting an essay.can you give me some tips to overcome this?since in exam,there will be a limited time.

rumaiah asan said...

mark down! u r correct.

Unknown said...

Can you try to write :
Never judge a book by its cover
Describe your experience that is true for you.

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