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Monday, April 30, 2012

I Learnt a Lesson

There is a difference between 'looking' and 'observing'. I just routinely 'looked' at the bills after the payment. After all, the amount was the same as other months as it is a fixed monthly payment. However, what made it different from other times was that the clerk at the Petronas counter, I think, entered the account number incorrectly. Then, I threw away the receipt after a week. When the new bill arrived, I opened it up and, routinely, 'looked' at the numbers without noticing that there stated an overdue payment, which means that I didn't pay for the previous week, which means that the payment I made at the Petronas counter is not added to my account. Until today, when the Internet connection was suspended, I made a call and was told that the payment was overdue. There was nothing that I can do to prove that I have made the payment as the receipt was already burnt. The only hope is that somebody will realize that his payment is overpaid and call TM to make a correction. HARDLY, right?

There were so many times where I tried to observe something instead of just looking, but it was just not my nature. I always took details for granted.It is always hard for me to answer questions like 'What is the colour of the lowest light of the traffic light?' or 'What is printed behind the 10 cent coin?'. Even though I play chess, there is quite a difference between chess and the real life. In chess, I choose to observe every perceivable details in order to beat my opponents. In real life, details are always there to be seen, but I automatically choose to ignore them. 

Well, do you think you are the same as me? Answer both questions and you will see. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


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Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 Essay Competition for School Magazine

This month, there is a competition organized by the school magazine, 'Majalah Cemerlang' for all SMKCE students. There will be prizes for the winners, so take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - improve English and getting a reward for that.

For English essay, the topics are given below:

Category A (150 – 300 words)

1. My ideal school

2. My dream home

3. A tragic incident you witnessed

Category B (350 – 500 words)

1. ‘Peer pressure is a powerful tool’. Do you agree?

2. Write a story ending with: ‘I was glad I spent time with them.’

3. Pollution

Submit your essay to Mdm. Tenh Saw Luan.

before or on

15 APRIL 2012

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