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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My First Posting

I received my memo on the 3rd of January at the New Pacific Hotel, Kota Bharu, along with 23 other KPLI graduates, to mark my first step in the teaching profession. As already expected, because I have already known via a trusted source, I was posted to SMK Tengku Indra Petra 2, in the city of Gua Musang. It is a new school which was built three years ago. Luckily, I was posted there with my colleague I knew from M4P, who lives near my house. We went to the school the next day with his Proton Wira. The journey was escorted by his father, an ex-officer of JPN Kelantan, who claimed that he knows where the school is situated. However, we got lost trying to find the exact location of the school. We eventually arrived at the school at approximately 10am, after a 4 hour-exhaustive journey. We were greeted by Cikgu Hasruddin, the teacher who was in charged of the school Koperasi. We were ushered to the office to see Cikgu Su Rid, the Penyelia Petang. After that we went to see Cikgu Ummi Mariza, the PK1. She was the one who found us a house to rent at Taman Bunga Tropika, although we stayed at the hostel for 4 days before the negotiation completed.
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