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Friday, April 30, 2010

Female Drivers = Careless?

I was at the parking lot waiting for my wife to finish her exam at the UKM Hall when suddenly I saw one of her friends walking to her car. She opened the back door, put her handbag at the back, opened the front door while pressing some numbers on her cellphone. Then, she started the engine from outside the car, and chatted a little before getting in. At that time, I thought 'Maybe she wanted to put something again at the back - she left the door opened'. However, after finishing the call, she closed the front door and started to drive away. I promptly waved, luckily she saw me and stopped the car to close the back door.

Now, what did that tell you about a female driver? It was nothing short than CARELESS. I am not going to make a generalisation, because statistics show that male drivers involved in more accidents than female drivers. Even the insurance companies acknowledge that male drivers pay more for their insurance than their female counterpart because of their risk factors. Furthermore, they are more obedient on the road than men; following all the traffic rules including the speed limit, while men tend to violate them. Nevertheless, if you want to make comparisons between the gender, then don't. Both have their pros and cons, with a fair share of risk factors, so to say that one is more prone to accident than the other is totally absurd.

I can see that they are indeed a very brave driver; sometimes too brave that I think male drivers do not even dwell of doing what they do on the road.

Now is that a male or a female driver? Pictures credit here.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does Your Personality Determine What Type of Teacher You Are?

My friend pointed out a very good website about teacher training. Not a very experienced teacher myself, I find that his ideas quite educating. I always starts as the Lawmaker myself; stating a few rules and types of punishments at the start of the year; usually in the very first class. But as the year goes by, I tend to take a more lenient approach, because I easily feel sorry for them every time I punish them. As a result, I lost control of several students in the class, even though most of the others still follow me obediently. However, to my defense, the other teachers also tend to ignore the very same students in their lessons, which clearly indicates that the students are indeed problematic and my approach is not to be blamed. Nevertheless, I feel sorry for them; I try to make them reason why they come to school but to no avail. I never ignore them completely; I give them the same task as others, but they never complete it. Now, it's too late to become the Lawmaker again, because they already know that I can actually smile, and I have to find other ways to gain control over them again. Finding about why they behave that way maybe the solution, but I hardly have time to actually go to their house or talk to their parents about their behaviour. Yes, there is a programme in my school where the teachers get to meet the parents to discuss their recent examination results, but it is hardly effective when you get to meet 35 parents at the same day or time.

Any suggestions?

Monday, April 26, 2010

SMKCE's Best Achievers 2009

Here are the pictures of the school's best achievers in last year's public examinations.

Best PMRians

Best SPMians

Best STPMians

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our e-Nikah Card

At last, our cards have completed. We don't have to bring along our marriage book or certificate anymore. No more worries if we have to rent out a hostel during our travels. It fits nicely into the wallet, along with other cards (not that many, actually). A very beautiful card greenish in colour, with a nice khat for the JAHEIK name, and the pictures of the husband and the wife underneath it. At the back, more details of the owner and the spouse, which includes the serial number. The same serial number is given to both parties, with the husband gets XXXXX S (the initial for Suami) and the wife gets XXXXX I (Isteri). For newly weds, they will be issued this card. But for the veterans, don't be shy to get one. Only RM30.00 a pair. You can download the form here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Hard Disk Space Disappeared Mysteriously

Why oh why I do not know about this earlier? I watch in front of my eyes my hard disk space reducing all this while, without actually knowing the reason. Tonight, my hard disk is down to 120MB - and that is low for an operating hard disk - and I am really determined to find out the culprit. I keep blaming the virus, or the installed programmes (I even deleted some of them!) but to my dismay, my hard disk keeps shrinking. Luckily my pendrive, heavily infested with viruses from my friend's laptop, informed me, metaphorically speaking, that the Kaspersky I use for years needs more space to keep its backup files! It hangs while waiting for the cleansing, so I yank the pendrive, restart my laptop, and surf. I found this entry which helps me a lot. Now, smiling broadly, I will continue to clean my pendrive again. Oh, and thanks Mr. Google.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fire Drill

Today we practiced fire drill. The bell rang for about 4 minutes. All teachers and students rushed to the assembly area. Time was measured in order to determine whether it was reasonable or not. Attendance were recorded to ensure that everybody was present. Then, there was a speech by an officer from Tumpat fire station. He gave some tips about safety - make sure keys are placed where everybody in the house knows the location; during blackouts, use candles safely by putting it on metals, not plastic; memorize the emergency contact number to the nearest fire station; and in case of fire, state the exact place to the operator so that the firemen will arrive in time. After the speech, several students and teachers practiced using the fire extinguisher.

Basically, there are several steps to be taken during a fire drill.

1. Sound the fire alarm
2. Shout 'FIRE! FIRE! FIRE'
3. Rescue team carry their duty
4. Rush to the assembly area
5. Conduct headcount

Here is contact numbers for all the fire stations in Kelantan.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Normal Class...

A normal lesson is 35 minutes. 2 minutes are needed for exchanging class from J block to A block. Another 2 minutes are needed for students to stand up (they either wait for us to order them, or still outside, mainly at the canteen or the toilet). A further 2 minutes are needed to make sure the class is clean, in accordance to 3K. Now 2 minutes to make sure that all students (pupils, is what the Nazir wants us to address in our lesson plan) are in the class; not playing truant. 2 minutes more to sign the attendance book, because the class monitor forgets to write the day and the date, plus the names of the students who are absent for the day. 2 minutes are wasted for the students to take out their text books because they either could not find it, or mainly forget to bring it, which leads to punishment. Now the teacher wants to see whether the given homework is done, which will cost another 2 minutes for more punishments as they usually do not complete the task. Now can we start the lesson? Not yet, because a student stands up and wants to go to the toilet, but cannot ask properly in English, 2 minutes more wasted. Suddenly there is an announcement so loud, all ears are listening to that - 2 minutes. Okay, time for the lesson. A complete instruction in English costs another 2 minutes, because it must be accompanied with the translation in BM. Sadly though, before the students can start doing their task, another 2 minutes interruption - somebody comes and wants to see the Fire Brigadiers. And a further 2 minutes for the Police Cadets (why don't they come at the same time?). Sigh, hopefully now all can start their work. But no, they can't - they forget the instruction! Another 2 minutes down the drain to refresh the instruction the second time. Just as the students start their task, comes the dreaded Discipline Teacher Mr. Adli and takes 5 minutes for spotchecks. Yes, another 2 minutes to read the instruction for the third time, which leave me a mere 2 minutes for my lesson.

Don't believe? Believe it!

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