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Friday, May 12, 2017

2 Things I Do Differently From Others

Sometimes I don't really understand why certain people do certain things differently. When I do something in certain way, I have my own reason for doing it in that particular manner. Now these two actions are not comprehensible to me.

1. Putting keys somewhere 'unsafe' in the masjid before getting in the saff. 

This is an extremely incomprehensible action many people do in front of my eyes. I don't know whether it is simply stupid or rather it is the highest level of 'tawakkal'. You get into the masjid, put your key at one of the pillars, then line up in the saff for prayer. My rational thinking is that anybody can easily take the key, find the motorcycle (or car) and speed off. In one case in Penang, the person, already late for prayer, casually threw his key on the stairs outside of the masjid (I was taking ablution by the stairs), got inside and prayed.

 2. Folding the prayer mat inside out.

This is another action which I don't understand the reason. My logic states that I should fold the mat in a way that the outside of the folded mat should be the side where we put on the floor (Side B to make it easy to describe), and the inside should be the side where we pray on (Side A). This is because we do not want Side A to get dirty with, say for example, lizard droppings. However, many people, especially those who sometimes borrow my prayer mat, fold the mat with Side A on the outside. It really got me confused!


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